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Hi, my name is Sadjad Frogh. I am a professional filmmaker based in Amsterdam. I always wanted to tell stories and to move people. When I discovered filmmaking, I immediately fell in love with it. The purpose of this website is for you to learn more about me and to see more of my work. Do you want to get in touch with me, please fill in the contact form and I will response asap to your message. Thank you, Sadjad Frogh




On my 12th birthday, my parents gave me a camcorder as a gift. At that moment my obsession with storytelling began. From then I actually started filming everything I could think of. I used my little brothers and sisters as my actors. With our second-hand PC at home I discovered the Windows Movie Maker program. I could keep myself busy filming and editing all summer long. 

In 2013 I bought my first 'serious' camera after long saving; the Canon 5D mark II. In the beginning I mainly filmed weddings of my own friends and family. It was not until April 2015 that I started my own company; Froan Studios. Soon it started to grow. The team consists of 5 videographers, photographers and editors. We have been able to film weddings in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  

In June 2016 I started working at a company called Incision located in Amsterdam. Incisions consists of a team of doctors and surgeons who have entered into collaboration with creative people to film all surgical operations in 2D and 3D. The films consist of professional voice-over which explains step by step how an operation can best be performed. Within the team I fulfilled the task of the main camera operator and editor. In addition, I worked closely with the marketing team. I stopped working at Incision from March of 2018 and started a fresh company with its goal to produce high end wedding films. This company is called Botanic Garden. 




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Froan studios
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Botanic Garden
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